Laura Purcell is a writer, history fan and guinea pig lover in Colchester. She is writing a series of novels about the women who loved (and hated!) the Hanoverian monarchs, starting with George III in “God Save the King”.  She will begin work on “A Forbidden Crown” in the summer, which tells the story of George IV and his rival wives.

She has recently become a proud member of the Historical Novel Society and will be attending the London conference in September. You can follow her on Twitter @Laura_D_Purcell.

Plan for Georgian Series

God Save the King –  A deranged monarch. A country at war. A family torn apart. George III’s “madness” through the eyes of his wife and daughters. Due for release 8 September 2012.

A Forbidden Crown – Mrs Fitzherbert and “Queen” Caroline struggle through their marriages to the unpredictable George IV. His daughter, Princess Charlotte, is caught in the middle of the vicious web. In progress.

The Heir – Sailor King William IV, Queen Adelaide and discarded mistress Dorothea Jordan.

Queen of Tears – The inspiring strength of Augusta, wife to the ill-fated Frederick, Prince of Wales.

 The Sceptre and the Sword – George II, Queen Caroline and his mistress the “romantic and melancholy” Henrietta Howard

Forging the Throne – George I, his banished Queen Sophia Dorothea and the influential “Scarecrow” mistress Ehrengarde Melusina

Winter Eclipse – Electress Sophia of Hanover, founder of the dynasty

All titles are provisional.


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